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About Us

Cheeky Monkeys has been established since January 2017.


We pride ourselves in being a small, welcoming, safe and inclusive setting. We have a maximum of seven experienced staff, providing a high quality learning experience for children 2-5 years old. This means all of our staff are familiar with all of the children in the nursery which makes transitioning between rooms when the time comes, easier and smoother for our children and they will always have a familiar face with them in their room. At Cheeky Monkeys we know it is important for a child to build a good relationship and have a familiar person they can bond with. Each child is given a key person from their settling in period, to build strong relationships for a secure and nurturing base and who will work with the family to enhance each individual child's best outcomes within their time with us at Cheeky Monkeys Preschool.


Our practitioners plan challenging and fun activities around the children's interests and next steps to support their learning through play. ​We believe that meeting the needs of every individual child is paramount and we work together as a small staff team to enhance the individual child's development and independence. We celebrate our strong relationships with our parents and carers knowing that they are their child's primary educators. We work alongside our parents and carers to build upon these foundations, celebrating and extending on their cultural capital, to progress our children to reach their full potential whilst they are with us. We encourage smooth transitions to school when the time comes for our cheeky monkeys to move on and pride ourselves on working alongside schools and other professionals for the continuity of care.


We comply with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and our Ofsted registration in regards to the childcare services we provide to safeguard your child, and the numerous policies and procedures in place which outline how we satisfy these requirements in our everyday practice. A full set of policies is available upon request.

Healthy snacks, fruit, water and milk are provided free of charge during each morning session. In addition, water is accessible to the children throughout the whole day.

We have two rooms at Cheeky Monkeys, Toddler Tigers and Little Explorers.


Toddler Tigers


Our Toddler Tigers Room is for our 2 - 3 year olds and has a maximum of 8 children in a session

with up to 2 members of staff. We have a daily routine where our toddlers can flourish and enjoy

exciting, fun, messy activities and learn through play experiences supported by the EYFS where

staff will scaffold the child's individual learning and development.

In our Toddler Tiger room we have an amazing view of the station where our Toddler Tigers enjoy

watching the trains go by.


Our Toddler Tigers love to explore a wide variety of learning resources and opportunities through

loose parts and holistic play where they learn not only essential practical and physical skills but

also communication and language skills to promote social interactions with peers and staff. 


 Little Explorers


 Our Little Explorers room is for our 3 - 5 year olds and has a maximum of 12 children in a session with 2                                   staff which gives us a staff to child ratio of 1:6. Our Little Explorers also follow a daily routine throughout                                 the sessions with a wide range of activities and resources to enhance their learning and development                                       through the EYFS curriculum. We work on many essential skills to prepare the children for the next stage                                 in their development, going to school. We work together with other professionals to ensure a smooth                                         transition to reception class in school.


Our Nursery

Both our rooms have access to the garden at different points of the session and we pride ourselves on having up to an hour in the garden each session per room. We also enjoy taking the children to the beach and the green areas to explore and learn all about our natural world. Both our rooms are fully air conditioned.

We have access to children's toilets and nappy changing facilities on both floors and support our children with toilet training when they are ready, working alongside our families. We encourage independence at an age appropriate level and promote healthy eating and oral health throughout our curriculum.


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