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What the parents say about us

"My child has really enjoyed his time at Cheeky Monkeys. He has learnt a lot and has had great support from the nursery. Lovely small setting and I have loved him being there and being happy."

"My child actively enjoys going to nursery which is a testament to the high level of care and engagement given to the children. His development both emotionally and physically has continually progressed and he is supported and encouraged to explore his full range of abilities." 

"My child enjoys nursery. He has learnt a lot of new things and I am happy with how it is all going."

"My child loves coming to this nursery. She really has achieved so much already. The staff are brilliant and very welcoming."

"Really pleased with how my child has come out of her shell since going to Cheeky Monkeys. She has become so much more confident talking to others. Thank you to all at Cheeky Monkeys."

"I have been very pleased at how much my child has developed over the past few months. She loves sharing and helping so thank you for teaching her all these things. She loves going to nursery which is so nice as I was worried as she has only been with me."

"Fantastic! We love the nursery, all the staff are lovely and welcoming and friendly. Our boys have fitted in straight away with no issues. Nursery times are brilliant. Having pictures posted on tapestry makes you feel like you know what our children are up to. Donna and all the staff keep you updated at every pickup. Nothing seems to be to much trouble. Thank you for welcoming us to your nursery, we've loved every moment so far!"

"Thank you very much for the smiling face you have shown to my child and we congratulate you for the clean and orderly environment. Sometimes my child is sad, but she expresses that and she loves you very much. She was a little shy because she couldn't speak , but now she loves school and now we are reaching the end of the road even though she never wants to leave you., your warm sincere smile made us very happy because they are in safe hands. Thank you very much for hugging my child without discrimination."

"Fantastic from start to finish! My child was very clingy when we first took him to Cheeky Monkeys but within a few sessions he had settled in and we've never looked back! I always recommend it to others. Thank you so much for taking such good care of him."

"Always felt as a family that we have been really supported by all staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful. My child's additional needs were identified and followed through to school transitioning as well as chasing help from other agencies. My child is always excited to go to nursery and leaves happy having enjoyed herself. Thank you to all for a great preschool experience."

My child loves nursery and looks forward to attending every week. We feel so comfortable leaving him in your care and appreciate all you do for him and for supporting us in getting him the support he needs to thrive. We felt very anxious about starting his nursery journey but the practitioners have made the transition so easy for us. You all do such a great job and should be so proud of all you accomplish on a daily basis. 

"My children have loved going to nursery and playing with their friends. They enjoy spending time with their teachers."

"We couldn't be happier with the care and education that my child has received at Cheeky Monkeys. He has been extremely happy there and enjoyed every day he has spent there to. Thank you so very much for teaching our son."

My child always enjoyed going to preschool. The staff are very lovely and welcoming. My child has grown and developed a lot over the 2 years he has been attending Cheeky Monkeys. So thank you all for everything you have done for us.

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